Monday, May 5, 2008

wanderlust forum

hi. im inviting all of my blog friends in my forum.
feel free to register and join.
by the way, im conducting a contest which is bring a friend.
hope you can join the fun!

for more information visit

ill be waiting for you guys. ;]


Friday, May 2, 2008

fashion disaster

let me get the straight first okay? i'm no fashion expert i just find a couple of celebrity photos that i'm sure you guys would agree that it IS a disaster and funny. hehe. here are the photos. help yourselves. :)

im no fan of the olsen twins but i find this picture very disturbing considering she looks like a zombie. gives me the creeps! x[ anway, i dont know who is who and i don't wanna know.

and here's another one. an oversized rockstar jacket with matching orange shades.
now she's a wannabe.

wow! having a baby makes someone look "losyang". haha! look at the hair. mahangin ba sa labas? hahahahaha! x]

this look uberly plain on kirsten dunst. too much of beige! lifeless.

it's not about jessica simpson's dress but the boobs. parang malalaglag na.

uhhhhm. victoria looks like she's wearing a green patched up curtains.

this is certified no boobs. she look like hercules in this dress!

she's in currently experiencing hypothermia right now. bbbbrr!
its gwen stefani.

hehe. hope you guys had fin reading my entry as of today because i did. :)