Friday, February 29, 2008

enjoy :]

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Took a test. hehe.

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and by the way, i already have in my hands an ip blocker. ill be installing it as of today and ill be banning unwanted fags and old infected flea dog from entering my site as soon as i trace the IP. seriously, get a life okay? :]

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

mamahalin mo pa ba ang aso mo kung ganito ang itsura?
bakit nga ba ganyan ang kinalabasan ng litratong ito? kung mapapansin nyo ay panay ang kamot ng aso ito. merong garapata at galis; sakit na kadalasang nararanasan ng aso. madalas kamot ng kamot, sugat sugat at kahol ng kahol. maari rin syang may rabies.


ang aso ay parang tao. kelangan ng bakuna para matanggal ang makamandag na rabies. kailangan ng paligo at magandang kapaligiran. kung maraming salot na kaibigan (kung tunay nga na kaibigan) na ihahalintulad natin sa garapata na walang ginagawa kundi mangagat ng tsismis na makati at mapdi kaya malamang kahol ng kahol o alulong ng alulong ang aso mo hanggang sa magkasugat sugat at tuluyang galisin.

Bakit kailangang matanggal ang rabies, galis at garapata?
1) perwisyo kung makakagat ang aso mo ng kapit bahay o kapamilya mo pwera nalang kung magnanakaw.
2) kawawa naman ang asong may galis at garapata.
3) masama sa pamilya ang nag aalaga ng asong may sakit.

paano ba maiiwasan ang garapata at galis?
a) ugaling bumisita sa beterinaryo para sa bakuna at lalo na kapag may mapansing nalalagas, kumukulubot at nag susugat sugat na balat sa inyong alaga.

b) paliguan ang aso araw araw.

c) gamitan ng sabon para sa aso at garapata kapag pinapaliguan o napansing nagkakamot si bantay. maari rin lagyan ng tinatawag na "flea leash".

d) ilagay sa isang malinis at maayos na kulungan malayo sa masyadong maaraw o mabasa.


wag ipag walang bahala ang kahol at alulong.
baka may problema ang aso mo.
mag masid at magmatyag.

PAUNAWA : pasensya na kung meron akong hayop at aso na masasaktan o maiinis. hehe. nagkataon lang na isa lamang itong magandang update na aking naisip. hahahahahahahaha! x]]

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gossip / Rumor

Gossip / Rumors

In contrast with mareng krisha’s blog update “two faced dog” id like to share my sentiments as well. We, Filipino’s seem to have passion for gossips. I watch tv, celebrities are more high lighted rather than the country’s economy and government problems. News like, Artista A is pregnant, Artista B and C are enemies, Artista D and E are now on, Artista F’s movie is flop. Blah blah blah. I look outside and there are actually tambay’s waiting for juicy gossips.

Once, I was walking with my boyfriend down the street to buy merienda when an old lady asked me “Bakit hindi na kayo nabili sa kabila?” and im like “Huh?”. My mind was screaming “WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE?! WOULD YOU MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! IM GONNA BUY IN WHICHEVER STORE I WANT! SHEEESH!”


It’s sad that we give more time to listen to other people’s lives, dirt, lies and make believe stories. Why? Here’s a couple of reasons:

1) Crab Mentality – Face it. You’re popular and you’re too good to be true. Everybody wants to get you down. They want to boost their confidence; make a clean image.

2) Insecurity – its similar to number one. They can’t handle your guts so they result to dirty tactics. Spread nasty rumor. Again, same, boost their self esteem.

3) It’s a social activity! You got to do it to be in! – its favorite past time okay? Got something to share? Spill it and you’ll be the hot spot in the girl’s bathroom for the latest updates.

4) It’s fun to ruin somebody’s reputation – some people are too mean that they either do it for fun, see others hurt and of course revenge. BULLY.

What advice can I give? Actually, I don’t know. Whenever I get the catch, I either shrug it or don’t care. I really don’t waste my time pleasing people besides I live my life regardless of what people say to me. I know myself better than them. Sure, judge me and call me names but I don’t have to prove anything. As long as im enjoying and being happy I don’t give a hoot! It will eventually die out. I hate society norms. Hahaha! :] And oh yeah, you can try not to give them to talk about but to me that would be boring. Hahaha! :]] I take risks and im never afraid of words thrown to me. If it crosses the line? Sue them. Hahaha! X]]

i curled my hair. :]
looks great except for the eye bag! argh! >:[

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Elizabeth : The Golden Age

Plot (courtesy of wikipedia): The film opens in 1585; Roman Catholic Spain is the most powerful country in Europe, with King Philip II on the throne. Seeing Protestant England as a threat, and in retaliation for England's constant piracy of Spanish ships, Philip intends to make war on his long-time enemy in order to take over the land that is now England and add it to what is already Spain, making his daughter Isabella Queen of England.

Meanwhile, in England, Elizabeth (Cate Blanchett) is still being pressured to marry by her advisor, Francis Walshingham (Geoffrey Rush). She is aging in years and with no child, the throne will pass to her next of kin. The Queen is presented with many portraits of crowned heads of Europe and princes. As always, Elizabeth refuses to take someone's hand in marriage.

BOOOM! and somebody its boooooring! hahaha! x] well, it is indeed a serious story because its historical. i wouldn't be surprise if the audience goes - ZZZzzz. geeky! hahaha! i dunno, what interests me here is colorful life of elizabeth, the drama, the renaissance period, the ships and the costumes.

sometimes i do wish i can go back to the past and experience it for myself. im always fascinated with old heritage of japan (note: i also watched memoirs of a geisha and the last samurai) and england. its so vintage.
oh well, DREAM ON! hahaha! :]]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

went to the clinic to pick up dad's blood sugar result. when i came in, surprise surprise! the nurse said "tumaka ba" and im like "oo nga eh. pede bang patimbang? tska patingin naman yung dati kong timbang". as soon as i stepped into the weighing scale it registered 98 pounds and recalling my last weight on january i was 90 pounds. im like "di nga? talaga? ows?". hahahahahahaha! i got fat! well, i dont really care much. i wanted it anyway. i hated being skinny. i looked sick and had luekemia before! and thank God i gained weight! :]]

Monday, February 18, 2008

wow! im touched!

To my bestfriend, sister, kakampi, karamay MAPI ; She is the most down-to-earth, considerate and inspired person you could ever hope to meet. Always quick with a kind word, supportive encouragement, or a helping hand. Its amazing how we talk everyday, anytime of the day, without getting sick of each other haha. Truly a bestfriend with integrity.
A lot of people have tried to test our friendship, tried to turn us against each other, and I'm glad that our friendship is beyond gossip and stupid backstabbing. They used to say that our friendship won't last, but hey look where we are now, I'm glad because we know in our hearts how much we mean to each other. One flaw of this girl is that she doesn't know how important she is in other peoples lives. She's in fact a diamond, although at a very young age, she is tested by time, polished by challenges, a precious gem itself. A loyal friend, someone who never fails to make you feel good even if you think that there's no hope for tomorrow.. A lot of people judge her for being upfront about her feelings, but hey at least she's one of the most honest person I have ever met in my life. People who knows her best, knows that she is a friend to be kept for years and for a lifetime, unfortunately people who knows less fails to see her beauty under her skin. She's the type of friend who will be there through the roughest times, and also that person who will slap you out of your idiocy and back into reality. To tell you the truth, she's the one who knows when something's bothering me even before I open my mouth, she's the one who knows how I feel even before I start opening up, and most importantly she's the one who understands me no matter how stupid I get. I love you so much mare, thanks for always being there for me.

thanks mare. this made my day. :]]
uwi ka na dito para ficture ficture tayo! x]

Saturday, February 16, 2008


the sunset on our monthsary. february 8, 2008

at the sea wall. usual tambay after watching the movie; the bucket list.

and again at valentine's day. february 14, 2008.

ticket to the movie jumper.

the bouquet. x]

the chocolate box.

Monday, February 11, 2008

from gnarly dork :]


Even the most patient and most persistent people grow tired.

Tired of ALWAYS taking initiative and lowering their PRIDE.

Swallowing of PRIDE is a sign of LOVE and MATURITY.

But doing so ain't easy.

It takes a lot of guts and courage.

But TOO MUCH is destructive to oneself.

When you know for yourself that you've done your part,


It is not giving up.

It is not cowardice.

It is called saving yourself.

Save yourself some PRIDE before you got nothin' left.

Let them swallow a little of theirs for they have a lot.

Let them realize your REAL worth.

Let them realize that it is NOT ALWAYS about them.

You are lucky to have them,


let them REALIZE that they are "REALLY LUCKY" to have you too.

That you are worth lowering their PRIDE for.

That for once, they should start being the 1st to

admit and start to work things up.

For you have been doing this a lot in the past.

If by reading this, PRIDE still reigns in them,

then it is clear,

PRIDE is more important than You.

For all the swallowing and lowering you've done,

they can't even do it for you once.

- - -

LOVE between you both is no question.

But PRIDE blurs it.

Kills it.

And buries it.

If there's one thing you don't need in your relationship,

it is


from gnarly dork :]

naalala nyo pa ba? halina't sumilip sa alaala ng ating pagkabata.

naalala nyo pa ba siya? bago ko pa mauso at makilala ang voltes v, yan ang una kong minahal kong super hero! si ultraman tiga! hindi ko nakakaligtaan ng tuwing sabado ng ales dyes ng umaga sa abs cbn sarimanok ako nanunuood nyan! kahit pa sa kapit bahay! haha! sya ay nakikipaglaban sa mga alien na pilit sinasakop ang planetang earth katulong ang kanyang mga kapatid.

eto naman si masked rider black! sa abs 13 ko sya napapanuod. nakasakay sa motor at nakikipaglaban sa mga halimaw.

at bago pa mauso ang power rangers merong maskman! haha!
~humanda na kayo! kampon ng kadiliman! oras na ng pag tutuos!
~kasamaan ninyo'y dapat matapos!
o di ba? me themesong pa! haha!

Sunday, February 10, 2008



me and jane

us again. :]

hehe. i dont know they guy's name in the middle. haha! x]

from left to right : patxi, maxx and paolo


paolo and KC

lester and jane

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I love you! mwaaah! im glad you liked it! :]]

Sunday, February 3, 2008

a little help please :]

guys, please report this user. he's using my picture. thank you.

nilamon na ata ng insecurity nya. hehe. sikat na ata ako. haha!

Friday, February 1, 2008

ang akala ko makukulit at mapag abusong kustomer lang ang makakahrap ko. hindi pala. bukod sa tatay kong lasinggero pati pala mga lasing sa kantin namin dumadayo para bwisitin ako. matapos ang pagpapablatter ko kagabi, nainiom ang mga brgy tanod. hindi ko alam kung anong pumasok sa isipan ng isa at dinalaw pa ako sa computer shop. nanahimik ako. pagpasok, sabi ko "ano po yun". isanglinyang ginagamit ko sa bawat taong pumapasok, sumisilip o tumatambay. at ang sagot naman sakin ng bangag na brgy tanod. "negatib? negatib?" sabi ko "ano po?". pati ang boyfriend ko nagtaka, napapailing at mayamo natatawa sa narinig nya. hindi malaman kung anong isasagot ni bgry tanod. sabi nya lang "di be nagreport ka kagabi". sabi ko "oo." at muli nyang sinabi na "negatib? negatib?". nagets ko na ang tinatanong nya pala ay kung may nagtatangka ulet ng tulad kagabi. sabi ko "wala po." at umalis na sya. maya maya dumating si mami. at tinatanong ako kung sinagot ko raw si brgy tanod ng "sino ka?". sabi ko "hindi. kahit tanong mo pa kay jacer." tanging tawa at ngisi lang ang naipakita ni jacer. biglang sumabad ang isang kustomer na kakapasok lang. "lasing yan. makulit. isusumbong ko yan kay chairman." akala ko tapos na ang lahat. hindi pa pala. pinatawag ako ng daddy ko. at pagdating ko pinahihingi ako ng tawad. GALIT NA GALIT AKO. kupal ba sya? bakit ako hihingi ng tawad? sino ba sya? hindi porket tanod siya eh pede na sya gumawa gawa ng kwento. at ang sabi pa ni mami, makisama raw ako. PUTANG INA! ang trabaho magbantay ng shop, hindi makisama sa mga lasing! bakit ganun? sila ang pinanigan nila samantalang ako ang anak. kinukunsinti nila ang kabastusan ng kustomer nila. talaga nga naman! napaswerte ko sa magulang!