Thursday, January 31, 2008

an almost robbing incident!

i never thought that my job could cause my life. its been a hell of a night! hahay! its already 9:20pm or so and i have one customer left. there was these two guys who came in asking me for money and food. and im like "wala po. wala po." they noticed that i was alone. my customer and two kids who are with me are busy doing their own things in the computer. click! click! they started to come closer to the cashier desk. i looked at my nearest computer to find "mahal" - (FYI - anak siya ng kumare ng mommy ko. hindi ko siya boyfriend. babae siya. hehe. ) seeing exactly eye to eye. and somehow we knew. she went right out and across to tell my mom on the canteen that i smell trouble. as soon as she left. the two guys move in. i held my ground and closed the money box. i used my knees to block them from noticing that i keep it there. i forgot my cellphone beside the computer. the other guy who was wearing a bonnet, a little smaller than the other and has kayumanggi complexion was pestering me an asked me a trick question. he held a small piece of paper and asked what was that. (of course i did fall for that! haha! ) the tall guy with full piercings in his left ear and wearing a white t-shirt move in at my back then grabbed my cellphone. i shouted at him and said "IBALIK MO CELLPHONE KO!". he panicked and put it my desk. as soon as i got the hand of it. i screamed at the top of my lungs. they were like squirming rats trying to escape. they couldn't not open the door. our doors as a funny fuction that you have to press something then push. and when they did. my mom was right in front of the door. she even grabbed the shirt of the yellow one. they were so fast. i even followed and came out at the door still screaming "Magnanakaw! Magnanakaw!". my mom and my mom's kumare was stunned. they were pale and perspiring. they thought i been slashed or what. my reaction was relief! i got my cellphone back! its new and its not even paid yet. and if i lost it again, she's not going to buy a replacement. i lost too many cellphone already! i find myself smiling. no. i wasnt afraid until now. the tall guy was at my back. he could have grabbed me and held me by my neck. they could have ransacked the computer shop or taken me as hostage. im lucky. and i had the presence of the mind. i was thinking that if they get away with the money ill be scolded again! haha! i wasnt afraid i being slashed or hacked to death or anything. weird. they are amateurs as kat said. and i was close! we went to the brgy to report everything i saw, their description, how to identify them etc etc. argh. they are so slow. and my mom did all the talking as if she was the one on the computer shop. i have high hopes that they will get caught and when that happens. justice. as of now, im fine. no trauma and what so ever. :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

im no mama's girl

im no mamas girl. id like to make it clear in my previous blog entry that even though ive taken side and choose my mom it doesnt mean that i dont any grudge against her. during the night of the argument, she had to sleep in my room again. its was already 1am that i had the urge to sleep. i am to get up early to make up for my 8:30am class. at that exact time my dad arrived. she asked me to bring her the telephone line. as usual she talked to her number one neighbor and kumare. i was already tired. tossing and turning in my bed. and when i really sighed hard that when she realized that its fucking 2am in the morning. before that she said what her real plans are. she want to sell our businesses then never to be back, bring my little brother with her and then never care what happens to the ones left behind. the only word that i said to her was "selfish". we had our sleep. then in the morning, she had to wake me up around 6am. i planned not to attend my first class because i was droggy. what can she expect? and she comments that im not interested in my studies. and then i said. "intindihin mo naman ako. 2am na tyao natulog. pagod pa ako." and she back sassed me and said "anong ibig mong sabihin?" haha! she did get what im trying to tell her. if it wasnt for her, i would have had a nice quiet soundly sleep alone! "wag ka nalang mag aral, putang ina ka. sawang sawa na ako." im so sick and tired of hearing the same old fucking lines. it really pissed me off. i think she donest know what its like to travel from laguna to manila everyday. the smoke, the traffic and its even worst when it rains! im not supposed to be involved with their marital problems! argh! im hate them both. i decided that i will make her statements true. ill be no longer interested in finishing and then get married. haha! i wish, im no idiot. ill finish my sem then ill go to work. at my very first pay day, ill look for a place to stay or rent. i want to be away from them, never to hear or see them. as much as i want to finish, i can't. my mom wont get off my back, wont trust me, keeps nagging and worst blaming me how her life turned to hell. so yes, im an unwated child, so why not put me to adoption? sickos. no, im going to stand in my own feet. ill prove to them that they are wrong. i have high hopes and dreams. and ill never going to stop reaching for them. making my life better than theirs.

Monday, January 28, 2008

just to make it fair. :]

for nineteen years of my life i witness my mom and dad through countless arguments and likes. every time that would happen, i get to be the referee. i admit i feel like im the one taking all the hurtful words, all the ranting, bitching, punching, kicking and slapping around. i took hits as well whenever i stand my ground and fight for our right. im the victim around here, i mean all of us! and im fucking sick of it! and tonight, my mom asked me what she plans and want to do; to run away and never to comeback. honestly, i agree. i totally understand and accept it. ive been telling her that a long time ago. i want to set her free. give her a break! she had have enough! i heard, saw and felt everything. its unfair for her and for us to suffer for the rest of our lives just because of a simple mistake.

so maybe running away and escaping reality wont solve our problem. but there is no choice left! we talked to a deaf ear. he thinks that he's the greatest and the perfect father alive. doesnt want change for the better. for a while yes and then he'd be back to the same old routine. you can never really teach an old dog a new trick. he is hopeless. and sometimes, i pray awful things about him. ah! love and hate. i dont have respect for him.

who would if you know that he hurts his wife in front of their kids? your neighbors? your customers?

who would if he doesnt want to support you and worst he even nags or complaints every time we ask for a little money for our projects?

who would if he himself doesnt have a dream for you and only thinks of himself?

all he cares about is his money, his food, drinking with friends till he drops!, watching tv and of course bossing people around. all his plans are intended for his own benefit only. ooh by the way, he likes sarcastic comments and derogatory remarks on people which make it far more disgusting.

should i call him father, daddy? no. he's not even fit to call him a man. he's just crap.

i can never change the fact that he is still my biological father; my own blood and flesh but people can never ever blame me from taking away the respect he should have because he doesnt deserve one single bit. acknowledgment is enough.

forgiveness. maybe when he dies. seriously.
cruel am i? but he is cruel as well. just the right thing to make it fair. :]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Manila Zoo Day

sometimes we come to a point when we go back to our childhood and be amazed at the simplest things.

at 10am, id already taken all of my class for today. as usual me and my boyfriend jacer will meet up at the mall; sm manila which is nearest to my university. we took our lunch and took our rest by sitting in the bench. we talked about where we should go. we first checked out the national museum but its closed on mondays. we took a gamble and went to the manila zoo.

there wasnt many visitors really. in fact it was sunny and a little bit windy. a perfect day to take a walk, chit chat along the way, have snacks and looks at the animals. HAPPY DAY. :]

here are the pictures.


the elephant. old fellow. i think he's still the one i saw when i was in kindergarten.

the ostrich. big bird that eats grass. i think he's going bald. he doesnt have much feathers left in his wings.

the iguanas. sticks out its tongue to cool itself

a bunch of turtles hanging out in a small pool for themselves.

crocs. a big scary looking monster. a bit lazy though. didnt move much.

the phyton snake! fat reptile! i was able to touch it and feel its skin. sort off like a soft meat. mushy. no. its not slimy okay? its smooth.

the deers. eating in its stable. enjoying the shade.

a handsome white horse like in a fairy tale. nah. not really. hehe.

the zebra. makes me dizzy.

an owl who wouldnt face the camera. shy.

scarecrow. real black. and real noisy too.

a big koi fish.

a big BIG fish. i dunno what its called. kind blurred because of the sunlight over the water.

i couldnt take all the pictures of the animals there. some of them are in cages. it wasnt a pretty picture to take. the monkeys are hyper active. some even throw bananas at us. meanie! the orangutan kept begging off for food. the care taker warned us to be careful. at incident occured that he snatched a cellphone and smashed the thing. unpredictable. then up close i saw a real big siberian tiger. wonder why? because we took a peek at the off limits section. haha! pasaway! it was feeding time. we cant cross the off limits gate so yeah, we missed the lions. i didnt forget to take pictures of the place too.

a mini playground.

beside the pond where we sat.

the luscious trees in the zoo.

the pond view. renting boats are available. we rather not ride one. we dont know how to swim! and the water's murky and icky.

the day ended being happy, content and memorable.

i find the joys on simplest things and some people would find it rather low or corny. so yeah. but to me, that simplicity makes me happy because in it there is sincerity.

childish as it may seem. i wouldnt take it for granted or miss it for the world. a day spending and sharing time together as if you are the only one living in this world. irreplaceable.

thank you for a wonderful, time and experience. ill forever treasure this. you make me happy.
i love you so much dhie.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

tagged by sarah

The rule: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 10 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
:+: 25?

2. What color do you like most?
:+: green, yellow - nagsawa nako sa black

3. What will you choose between the two: cellphone or computer?
:+: COMPUTER - laptop please!

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
:+: japan! europe. australia. canada.

5. Which part of you that you love the most?
:+: eyes. i have brown eyes. hehe.

6. What is the most important thing in any relationship?
:+: TRUST, unconditional love

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
:+: love ones

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
:+: build a foundation for kids, homeless and a scholarship program
:+: help my family achieve their dreams
:+: buy things that i want - a) digicam
b) ipod

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
:+: ugh. not likely? i dunno.

10. Why are you answering this tag?
:+: for the sake of updating haha! besides, sarah tagged me. ;]

11. How many children do you want to have when you get married?

12. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?
:+: having too many boyfriends before i met my love one now.

13. Which type of person do you hate the most?

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
:+: unity

15. How do you feel right now [and why]?
:+: tired

17. Do you have any soul mates?
:+: i dunno.

18. It’s already 2008. Do you have a new year’s resolution?
:+: i broke it. :[

19. Name of that someone you love.
:+: jacer ;]

20. Most embarrasing moment i had
:+: i have the same dress as my classmate on my 3rd year prom.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

what the fuck?!


would you agree to pay P1.50 for just one text? i dont think so.

gloria macapagal arroyo boasted that the economy is stable and good because of the peso growing stronger against dollars. but as a citizen and a student of this country, nope. nothing changed! prices of commodities and basic living needs are now expensive. food, clothes, shelter and of course personal needs. EVERYTHING!

i dont know what kind of disease infected the minds of these congressmen and senators that they have to make and amend TEXT TAX.

billion of pesos are alloted for the governments funds! we have so many taxes!

so why take away the joy and convenience of texting to the filipino people! im an avid user of text and it benefits my day to day activities! aside from its affordable and cheap its a replacement for calls, emails, letters or other form of communication. why cant they come up of a tax that can help the people?! i mean, come on! why not have tax on liquor or smokes instead! im sure it will benefit us all especially the youth today.

i think you should watch this. how corrupt the government is and its officials. its about the heaven of being a senator in our country.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

my friend is now a lady!

the 18th birthday. a girl becomes a lady. we stop playing doll houses and start to get to know the boys. haha! no. im not the debut ante, its my long time friend, marieden h. laguna.

i remember when we were in high school; we used to fool around, play, gossip and have fun just like everybody else. now, every thing's changed. well, not totally but some. time flies! some of our batch mates are now married and have kids. awkward eh? then comes the next question, who getting married next?

i dont want to think about complicated stuff for now. things will happen when its meant to be. take it easy, enjoy life and be happy just like i wished for her in the 18 candles ceremony.

"you loose some and get some. i do believe that there are some things that we should let go in order to gain things. everything has its purpose. and you should use it in your journey towards life"

went home early. i just ate, greeted her, had some talk to my old friends and left. i had someone with me to take care of. yes, its such a waste that i spend little time with them but its enough. i was happy and i think so was they. i missed them a lot!

nope, i havent forgot the pictures. yeah, i havent got a picture of me and marieden because she was so busy. at least, i did took some. hehe!

precious and me. (a very close friend of mine.)

anna and me. (close friend :] )

the debut ante.

the invitation

the candle

HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MARIEDEN. like i said, we are always here for you even though we dont have that much talk are so still the bond remains. for so many years, we hold on and i treasure that. im at your back, supporting you and loving always for who you are. i wish you all the luck and blessing in your life. i love you! :]

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Beginnings

Goodbye 2007
had my fair share of ups and down but so far as ive observed it was still a good year. i loose
some then i get some. well that's life; move on and look forward. i wanna thank God for the previous year and all the blessings that he gave me. i wanna give credit to the people in my lives: parents, brothers, friends and my boyfriend who contributed to my daily experiences and learnings.

Welcome 2008
Hello new beginnings, trials, errors, shortcomings, learnings and experiences. Im ready for you. Another year to spend, cherish, treasure and remember.

New Year's Resolution:
never absent and be late in my classes. work hard. and still BE HAPPY AND CONTENT as always! :]