Friday, March 28, 2008

follow up on emo

Emo kids are now being beaten up to a pulp in mexico and other countries.


A bizarre wave of mob emo-bashings is sweeping across Mexico. The movement is being generated on message boards and social networking sites by non-emo youth who highly dislike like the emo look and attitude.

L.A. Weekly:

In Mexico, emo culture is a butt of many jokes. It is either despised intensely or generally ignored. But it’s only the despising sentiment that lately has been getting wide airply. In the above clip, a Televisa on-air personality named Kristoff expresses a serious dose of anti-emo rhetoric and switches to English to say, on network television, “Fucking bullshit” to the emo movement.


Austin American Statesman:

Emos have begun to fight back, organizing marches in Guadalajara and Mexico City. And voices have begun appearing warning of a creeping intolerance in Mexican society. Gilberto Rincan Gallardo, a columnist for the El Porvenir newspaper, argued this week that tolerance is the foundation of any healthy democracy. “If a group of young people like (emos) decides to get together and live life in a certain manner, and doesn’t hurt others, it’s the obligation of the Democratic state to protect them…It’s easy for an eccentric and easily identified minority group to be stigmatized and discriminated against…It’s the responsibility of the authorities to make sure the threats aren’t carried out and the aggressions are punished.”

Anti Emo Revolution in Mexico:

Well, you may have read the thread in which there is mentioned the attack against emos here in Mexico,

By now, the attacks against emos have happened in three cities here in Mexico, one of them was Mexico City, which is the capital, and the anti-emo community has summoned the people to attack emos in lot of cities in the country.

Small aggressions had occurred in all the country, and Anti-Emo Communities are rising quickly

An interesting fact of this, is that the Heavy Metal community is not the only one against emos, we can also find that, pop-listeners, skaters, punks, goths, and other people are against emos here in Mexico.

But why metal/rock listeners are not the only ones against emos???
The answer is simple, emo attitude here in Mexico is anti-youngster: they do not drink, they do not have sex, they do not have fun, they go to concerts just to cry, they go to parties just to sit in a corner and cry, and they feel victims of everything, it is really, a very stupid behavior.

Hipster Runoff has some thoughts:

Anyways, I just wanted to congratulate Mexico on going out of it’s way to EXTERMINATE a trend, as opposed to just simply moving into a new consumer-driven trend with a little bit of a self-loathing tone.

It’s good to see that people can unite using the internet, and stand up for a cause. I mean, myspace drama is one thing, but to transform that passion into a WITCH HUNT where emo kids are beaten down in broad daylight is simply amazing.

My thoughts:

Okay. I hate the new emo scene but its not an excuse to beat them up. It's totally unnecessary and issues should be settled in a diplomatic way. These kids are totally immature and unethical.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Recall - EMO

hehe. can't think of a good entry.
recall nalang. :D

as of my last entry, pinoysrock and anino commented about what brian said on the concert which was "We're bringing you true metal. you won't have to hear anything from a whiny little b-i-t-c-h about a girl breaking his heart. fuck the emo trend we're bringing you metal!".

here's what i think

EMO is dead for the simple reason that i see no passion in kids today really. majority of them thinks that the most important part is about fucking labels, how cool they are, what they wear and how good the tears fall down. boasting and self proclaimed assholes. dammit! making GOOD MUSIC TO THE EARS was never a consideration and an option to these guys. the lamest thing they are proud of is the term suicide. the problem lies not in the music itself but the people in it and what they are projecting! influencing people in the wrong way. they are close minded people because as much as possible that we correct you, we are said to be "mayabang". why not google in the internet eh?

here are my rants.

its all about mass media production. where what matters most is not the passion for playing music but doing business. sell more records and influence more kids. media sucks. quantity vs quality. go to recto and you'll find red jumpsuit apparatus, paramore, taking back sunday and saosin labelled as emo. ITS NOT! AND NEVER WAS! NEVER WILL! profiters never care about that because really. how it affects the scene and damages the industry.

emo's are good in recording but they suck at live performance. what's with crying on stage? people pay good money to see a good performance and there you are crying like a little baby deprived of his candy. i remember the bands such as texas is the reason, orchid, saetia and others in the 1980's which was considered emo. (correct me if im wrong, no bands ever admitted that they are emo. there is no concrete basis of emo really but it does exist.) some of it was lyrically and emotionally brutal and to talk about the performance, it was alive and kicking! as the years pass and generations pass it on, from good it became worst. the original term emotional hardcore was now emo. just that means slashing, suicide, super sad, crappy, fashion, good looking thingy.

i have no qualms about self expression. its everybody's right. if they wanna cry all the time, sure. but you get to live only once and just once so why sulk and live in the past? why waste it over a problem that will eventually be solved anyway? love problems? LOL. get over it! love is like a game either you win it or loose it. everybody goes through that once in a while! they are not alone! they are the ones at fault for making their lives miserable. so why blame it on music? i find it stupid and immature. so yeah, some music are sad but its wrong to repeatedly dwell in it and never move on. life is a continuous journey. we are given trials, challenges to make us stronger and not the other way around.

another thing, i can never understand why they have to brag about their suicide marks. if they wanna die, why not shoot themselves. its not cool and its not in.

they say that of all of the genres, EMO is with the most emotional content. music is considered art therefore it was created and made through expressions, ideas and emotions of both your brain and heart. now tell me, shakespeare was emotional, so was john lennon. if EMO is so great why can't it stand on its own? They always have to stick themselves to goth and punk.

its not a sin to make your lifestyle similar to your kind of music but not to the point of over acting and out of place! you go to malls / gig, with a cape, all black as if somebody died, two inches of eyeliner under the eyes, colorful styled hair (usually pink), too many accessories, super tight shirt and pants, really ragged then gate crashes and causes all sorts of trouble ruining all the fun. if they really like that image and sooo desperate why not apply for a job and lets see if they get the job.

last but not the least, what's with the gay thing? gay or not its does not necessarily consider you as emo already. its a choice. lesbian, girl or boy you can be emo.

true music means no boundaries, no labels, no genre just TRUE GOOD MUSIC TO THE EARS, being open minded and accepting it as it is.

the problem lies not in the music but the people IN it.

music for me has no face, no image, no fashion statement and HELL no fucking demands about the latest trends.

i listen to any form of music from classical, old school, rnb, ballad and latest as of today.

and i listen to emo too. :)

ive been tagged. :)
4 jobs I have had:
tagapagbantay ng shop. hehe.
taga print, scan, bukas pc.

4 movies I watched over and over:

4 shows I watch:
The correspondents
TV patrol
24 hours
Marrying a millionaire

4 places I have been:

4 people who email me:

4 favorite things to eat:
Mangga with bagoong
Kare - Kare
Daing, kamatis at itlog na maalat

4 places I would rather be:

4 things I look forward to this year:
Good work
Good pay

Sorry, hehe. kulang kulang.
Pasa ko to kay - ate quing and kuya rai, anino, apple and djhoan.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shadows Fall - Live in Manila 03.15.08

Shadows Fall is an American heavy metal band formed in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1996. Although the band has experienced several lineup changes, for most of its recording career Shadows Fall has comprised of Brian Fair (vocals), Jonathan Donais (guitar), Matt Bachand (guitar), Paul Romanko (bass), and Jason Bittner (drums).

Since its formation, Shadows Fall has released five studio albums, two compilation albums, and one DVD. The band's first album featured Philip Labonte on vocals, although he was soon replaced by Fair. Shadows Fall's first two studio albums featured David Germain playing drums, but in 2002 Bittner joined the band full time. The band is currently a Grammy Award nominee in the category Best Metal Performance for the song "Redemption" off the album Threads of Life. - wikipedia

The only perfect sentence that can describe the experience when i was on the a. avenue on makati the night of march 15, 2008.

i admit. im not really a fan of shadows fall, i only went as a chaperon to my boyfriend. at first, i felt like i was an outcast. who wouldn't be? almost everyone wore black shirts, tops and jackets with black/camouflage, then shorts and pants plus the famous different colors of chuck taylor. i on the other hand was very much normal. i wore a green top, skinny jeans and tsinelas. i had my menstruation too which would explain why i can't move much, scream or jump around. BUMMER. it's frustrating, I KNOW.

around 8pm we arrived at the venue. the line was long and the security was tight. they wouldnt allow digicams. fortunately, i bought a big bag with me because i have a test the next day. (yes, its sunday. my school is super weird!) we were able to get the cam inside.

the venue was good. its worth the pay! its well ventilated, cool and comfortable.
hindi siya masikip.

everyone was free to move around.
there was free beer together with the tickets. i didn't use the tab. haha! i dont drink. i bought a shadows fall t-shirt instead courtesy of tribal gear as a memento.

there were celebrities too like dylan (the host and vj of jack tv.) - she's small but beautiful. and talkative too. sib was also present (the mtv vj). he's suplado but cute. and kat alano who was absolutely stunning that night! haha! she experieced the mosh pit and was able to laugh it off afterwards. haha!

when we got there, the bands were already playing.
gayuma, valley of chrome, intolerant and sin.
gayuma, the band winner of musiklaban 2008 didn't gave an impact to the audience. i think they failed to flare up the kids.
valley of chrome came in next and gave energized performance. the vocalist even pulled the cord of the microphone because of widly jumping around the stage. atleast, they made the kids dance around and bang their heads.
then intolerant, i wasn't impressed really. the look of the vocalist gave me an impression that he was tired or sleepy. plus, they were constantly playing and said nothing.
and last but not the least, sin. i think, they were the best opening act. i mean, the white kids were impressed. they even gave him the hand after their set.

around 10pm, all the opening bands were finished. the long awaited show is about to begin. the lights were off and it took some time to set up the stage. the black curtain dropped and there was a huge statue of a mutilated man. the kids were restless. they were shouting "shadowsfall" every now and then. but here's the funny part. they even shouted "emo sucks". its a metal scene, so yeah. its obvious. i just pity those who were there that was emo. its like "OUCH". haha!

and after a few minutes. BOOM! they played. the first track was "Redemption" from their new album "Threads of Life". They gave it all. I couldn't ask for more. We were even singing together with them.

All the world will hear you, Our voices can't be bound, All the world will hear you, Redemption in the power of the sound.

Nobody cared what you wore that night, if you were metal or not. As long as you jive and bang your head to the rhythm of the music. IT'S FINE!

Brian never failed to be with the crowd, talk and shake hands. He was dancing on stage. It was amazing that he can move his head with those big dreadlocks of his. He even gave a statement that made the audience roar! "We're bringing you true metal. you won't have to hear anything from a whiny little b-i-t-c-h about a girl breaking his heart. fcuk the emo trend we're bringing you metal! " He enjoyed singing for us and even took his shirt off. Yummy! haha!

Jon Donais was so good with the lead guitars! You can hear the every note. A handsome guy. Nakakatunaw yung ngiti. Haha!
Jason Bitter gave a drum solo. A powerful performance. Just like Jon, you'll never miss every beat.

Too bad i can't describe all of them.
Haha! Bitin?
We were at the right side watching and me being such a small person can't see the other guys playing on the left side.

And here's the playlist too.
the light that blinds
burning the lives
storm winds
thoughts without words
enlightened by the cold
of one blood
failure of the devout

destroyer of senses
what drives the weak
inspiration on demand

They gave us an encore when we shouted "more, more". And of course, they gave in. It was nice of them.

At the end of the show? They threw away their arm bands, pics, drum skins and other valuable memorabilia that a fan would die for. Unfortunately, we couldn't grab one.

And oh yeah. There were hilarious moments too. Like a girl being trampled by guys on the mosh pit, walked away pissed and swerving and a drunk man vomiting his intestines off. haha!

I will never forget this day.

(other pictures are courtesy of filipino metal forums)

the ticket

Valley of Chrome




The most important part? Seeing my boyfriend happy from the arrival until the departure.
Worth every bit of my penny. A perfect gift.
Memory. Forever treasured and remembered.
I love you dhie. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Binibining Pilipinas 2008

Bb. Pilipinas Janina San Miguel

Naiinis ako.

Kung mapapanuod nyo ang vidyo na yan maririnig at masasaksihan nyo ang mali maling ingles sa pagsagot sa simpleng tanong. Hindi ko pinapahiya ang babaeng ito o nilalait. Gusto ko lang magsabi ng saloobin at sentimyento ukol sa usapin at kontrobersiya na bumabalot dito. Ang patimpalak na yan ay ginaganap para hanapin ang mga binibini na hindi lamang likas na maganda kundi matalino. (Hindi ko sinasabi na ang pagsasalita sa wikang banyaga ay nangangahulugan ng katalinuhan. Maling paniniwala yan.) Isa rin sa dahilan kung bakit merong patimpalak na Binibining Pilipinas ay para sa panunuood at kasiyahan ng bansa gayun na rin para sa ating mga kababayan na Pilipino. Ngayon, ano nga ba ang kinaiinis ko? Mayabang ang babaeng ito pero hindi siya bobo, tanga lang siya. Bakit? Hindi nya pala kayang magsalita sa ibang lengguwahe bakit pa nya pinilit? Dapat bago sya sumali inalam nya ang mga kahinaan at mga kalakasan nya nilang isang kandidato. Bukod pa riyan, nakakahiya ba ang magsalita ng tagalog? Yan ay sariling atin. At gaya nga ng sinabi ko ang patimpalak na yan ay para sa mga Pilipino. Base sa aking napanuod, ipinakita nya na mas pinahahalagahan pa nya ang ingles kesa sa sarili nating wika.

Tandaan nyo ang mga sinabi ni Jose Rizal - "Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika, daig pa ang hayop at malansang isda." at " Ang kabataan ay pag asa ng bayan".

Kung ganito ang mentalidad ng kabataan ngayon eh wala na nga talagang pag asa ang ating bayan. Oo. Bukas ako sa argumentong maari siyang kinakabahan at bata pa siya pero hindi yan dapat gamitin para maging palusot sa pagkakamali nya. Hindi ako sang ayon sa pagkapanalo nya. Para sakin hindi sya karapat dapat na tanghalin at koronahan na Binibining Pilipinas 2008.

Ang kagandahan ay hindi nakikita sa panlabas na anyo lamang bagkus sa pagmamahal nya sa sarili nyang kultura, pagkatao at kapwa nya.

paumanhin sa mga hindi nakakaintindi sa aking sinulat ngayon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

flirting while committed

Main Entry: flirt
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: tease, to court triflingly or act amorously without serious intentions; play at love; coquet.

Synonyms: banter, chat up, come hither*, come on*, coquet, dally, dilly-dally, disport, eyeball*, fool, gam*, gold dig, hit on*, lead on, linger with, lollygag, monkey with, ogle, philander, pick up*, pitch*, play, proposition, sport, string along, tease, toy, trifle, vamp, wanton, wink at*, wolf-whistle

ever heard of a committed guy or gal who continually flirts? irritating huh. the temptation and all. insecurity is the factor! yeap. its not that complicated really. why? its to boost their confidence. i mean take a gal for example, if she is confident, she wont flirt around, seduce committed guy or fool around when her partner is not looking around. clearly, it indicates inferiority complex, jealousy and the likes. add the other factors, the restlessness, sadness and lack of contentment she may have in her current relationship and thus looks for another comfort by having this behavior. but really what do they gain from it? aside from the bad reputation. for all we know she or he could be the joke. a complete mockery and a laughing stock. the good part - they so love doing it. not only that, they hurt people as well. selfishness. they are getting what they want at the expense of ruining other people's relationship because in reality they can never attain those.

but don't get affected okay? because if your partner loves you enough and is happy, content and satisfied with your relationship, he or she wont settle for anything less than you. he or she wont replace you with a trash picked up from down the street.

a piece of friendly advice to committed guys and gals, don't get pissed when somebody flirts with your partner okay? they are just insecure. they badly need attention. dont give them the satisfaction of getting on your nerves. don't ever go down to their level. :]

Sunday, March 9, 2008

different blogs and bloggers

i'm into bloghopping and i cant help but notice a couple of things from reading a bloggers entry.
peace. what you'll read is just my opinion.

1. the copy paste queen
- its a senseless empty blog and you can call it plagiarism blog. just to make an update, you copy paste then have some little comment then that's that! its okay once in a while but if in entry entry, its boring. and yeah, please do credit the REAL AUTHOR, don't claim it on your own. its virtual stealing.

2. the great pretender
- you post pics of the past claiming its the present and your too full of yourself saying that your oh so beautiful when your not. face it, stop acting like a celebrity. no one is even commenting in your blog. duh?

3. the oh so emo
can you update a little more happier than that? go kill yourself.

4. the hater and ranter
rant rant rant. nothing but complaints.

5. sarcastic
everything you post are intended to hurt someone in particular (im guilty on this one :P )

6. the sleeping
you keep visiting other blog and cboxes then asking for link exes but you never update.

7. link ex addict
its similar to number 4. you keep asking for link ex but then you never comment, be friend or read the other blog. unfair huh?

8. the oh so bright and eye hurting theme
too much of everything is bad. choose an appropriate and good theme that will suit yourself. take note of the color, some hurt when i read some blog.

9. the over decorated and slow uploading blog.
again, too much of everything is bad. don't put too much thingy in the blog. it lowers the uploading time.

10. ZE copy cat
seriously, you copied my profile, the pictures, the theme, the music. everything.
have originality okay?

11. comedy!
this one is i like. happy and hilarious post. fun to read.

12. reflection
i like this one too because the author posts her/his ideas and anything that comes into mind. the artistic, poetic and writer side is shown as well as the true personality of the person. you get to know the blogger.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

i've been tagged again! haha! x]

10 Random Things/ 10 Things People Don’t Know About Me

1. i used to be a tomboy!
When i was in gradeschool or highschool i used to wear big shirts and big shorts. i was always one of the boys and when i stepped in to college, i guess i was transformed to a lady. up until now, i still prefer boys to keep me accompany rather than girls.

2. im cheap.
im not into buying expensive stuff. i dont get the point of buying branded clothes that will eventually be out of fashion or be worn out. when i shop, i go to divisoria where i can get some bargain. besides, i do believe its not in the clothes, its the person who's carrying it.

3. im always cranky.
i dunno what's up with me but usually when i wake up in the wrong side of the bed, im very much cranky in the morning. maybe because of the stress or the hormones. bear with me. :))

4. im an emo. x]]
sometimes i just like to be alone and think about things. im not afraid of showing my feelings whenever im angry or sad.

5. im a day time person.
i love spending my time during bright sunny day wallowing in the suns. i dont usually go out in the night. i still prefer to be at home, watching tv, reading, surfing the net, sleeping or hang out in the mall.

6. i used to play online games.
as an addict internet user, i once played ragnarok. its fun! but hell, its an expensive game! and up until now, i still dread the money and time i've spent. oh well.

7. im addicted to green mango with stinky sweet bagoong!
i can eat two in just one seating.

8. i love dancing but dancing hates me. :(
i've got no talent in making by body move gracefully. *sigh
but hey! i can sing pretty well! irony huh?

9. im into rock!
im weird. i like gothic music as well as punk, metal, post harcore and so on. i like it real loud!

10. i hate cockroaches, spiders and i sleep with the lights on.
i have phobia with it comes to cockroaches. they disgust me. and im not used to sleeping in a dark room when im alone.

im tagging sarah, bianca, angelique, chynx and sam :]

Friday, March 7, 2008

i've been tagged! :]

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write your blog next,

Im tagging : krisha, cindy, ate quing and kuya rai, gem at dakilang tambay :D

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

the view on the bus to home

As i look at the sky on my journey to home, i can say that i am truly blessed for i have peace of mind. i can sleep well at night without a care in the world. my conscience is very much crystal clear, i've done no wrong with my fellow men. i kept my silence amidst the noise and bark of others. i have my head up high. even if they try to pull me down, i wont budge a single finger to extract vengeance. why? i wont drag myself to dirt, i know somebody else will do that for me. truth will come out eventually.

i avoid loud and aggressive persons they are vexations to the spirit. but sometimes, it can't be helped. even so, dont be provoked and don't satisfy their needs. patience is a virtue.

love yourself, be satisfied and dont compare yourself with others. it will result to envy and insecurities.

treasure trust. give it to those who deserve it. keep in mind that the world IS full of trickery. not everybody is what you think he or she is. be careful. always guard your back.

dont pray for the distress of others. its bad karma. it wont give you ever lasting happiness only bitterness.

whatever God you perceive him to be, always keep in touch. be humble and always ask forgiveness.

life maybe cruel and unfair still happiness is a state of mind. poor are those people who don't possess that. tsk tsk tsk. they'll still live with envy, insecurities and restlessness. WAHAHAHAHAHA! X]

Monday, March 3, 2008

Limitations, Disadvantages and Advantages

Friends are special people who make a bond and mark in our lives. They are either looking behind us like a brother or a sister, a helping hand and a crying shoulder. Most of the time, we share the time, problems and happy moments with them. But together with that there are certain limitations. A little may hurt and a lot can lead to total destruction of the relationship one way or another. We must always remember where to stand, when to speak and when to meddle. The irony is, we can give them the comfort and but we can never give them the solution to the problem so why make it worst? Every time there is a battle, should we put our armor as well and fight side by side knowing we do not have the weapon? Should we pour fuel to the raging fire? No. We should always weigh things. Being friends does not necessarily demands a person to be a "kakampi". In my opinion, there's nothing wrong in taking sides as long as you know the whole story and base what you think is right according to ethics or moral. But to literally make "sawsaw" and act as if the person was there? It wont do anything good, trust me. It will lead to more complications and make the scene far more bigger. more fucking drama!

Another thing, when it comes to love relationship of the other, we cannot dictate the matters of the heart but we can only ease the pain. Although we can make ourselves instruments of blossoming love like cupid or be the bridge to put them together. However, we must take it in that being so does not entitle us to put ourselves in their shoes then make decisions for them nor should we try to ruin their relationship just because you dont like what's happening. Only two people know what really happened, how they feel and we should let them face whatever they may have. Tango is for two people, not three and certainly not four.

Being the constant companion, we are subjected to the saying "birds with the same feather flock together". Yes, most of the time this is true but not all. Some of the traits and qualities maybe similar but due to human complexity we can never find another exact match that match all like a clone. I also believe that this saying comes true becomes the other tolerates or goes with the flow with the behavior because of the term "pakikisama" (likely evident on cliques, groups, barkadas and tropas that are composed of more than two people). It can either be an disadvantage or advantage. If the other becomes blind with the wrongs she or he sees then becomes influenced and sooner adapts the bad habits its likely an disadvantage. In another situation, if the other is consistent, persistent, refuse and even try to persuade his or her friend then its definitely an advantage and is considered true friendship.

A friend will never cause you harm, teach you wrong or lead you to your own humiliation. He or she will never take advantage of you, abuse and use you.

A true friend accepts you for who and what you are regardless of your appearance and social status. He or She is there whenever in need without any hesitation and expects nothing in return.


Bonggahan by Sampaguita! x]

Panahon na para magsaya
Forget mo na ang problema
Pa-dance dance, para sumigla
Rock ‘n’ roll hanggang umaga

Wa ko type ang magpa-cry cry
Type ko ay todo bigay
Kaya join na lang kayo
Let’s all have a good time

Di ko say na magwala ka
Ang say ko lang ay magpabongga ka
Stop ka na sa pagdurusa
Ride ka lang sa problema

Di ko trip ang magpasabog
Hate na hate ko ang matulog
Trip ko lang na umiksena
Heto ay sobrang pilyo

Wag ka say na lang, kumadre
Bow ka lang ng bow
Pa-sing sing ka lang
Para ikaw ay sumaya

[repeat refrain]

Di ko trip ang magpasabog
Hate na hate ko ang matulog
Trip ko lang na umiksena
Heto ay sobrang pilyo

Wag ka say na lang, kumadre
Bow ka lang ng bow
Pa-sing sing ka lang
Para ikaw ay sumaya

Kaya join na lang kayo
Let’s all have a good time
Kaya join na lang kayo
Let’s all have a good time