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Monday, May 5, 2008

wanderlust forum

hi. im inviting all of my blog friends in my forum.
feel free to register and join.
by the way, im conducting a contest which is bring a friend.
hope you can join the fun!

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ill be waiting for you guys. ;]


Friday, May 2, 2008

fashion disaster

let me get the straight first okay? i'm no fashion expert i just find a couple of celebrity photos that i'm sure you guys would agree that it IS a disaster and funny. hehe. here are the photos. help yourselves. :)

im no fan of the olsen twins but i find this picture very disturbing considering she looks like a zombie. gives me the creeps! x[ anway, i dont know who is who and i don't wanna know.

and here's another one. an oversized rockstar jacket with matching orange shades.
now she's a wannabe.

wow! having a baby makes someone look "losyang". haha! look at the hair. mahangin ba sa labas? hahahahaha! x]

this look uberly plain on kirsten dunst. too much of beige! lifeless.

it's not about jessica simpson's dress but the boobs. parang malalaglag na.

uhhhhm. victoria looks like she's wearing a green patched up curtains.

this is certified no boobs. she look like hercules in this dress!

she's in currently experiencing hypothermia right now. bbbbrr!
its gwen stefani.

hehe. hope you guys had fin reading my entry as of today because i did. :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

hospital blues

the long wait is over! hehe. im finally have time to update. HOORAY! i missed my blog friends. hope you missed me too. :)

so what's up with me lately? why didn't i update earlier? uhhhm. my dad was hospitalized for the past few days due to diabetes. he had an injured infected inflamed foot which would explain why he lost his weight and appetite. we were all worried because the legs are most fragile when it comes to diabetic people. if not careful, it could lead to blood poisoning or the leg being amputated instead if left untreated. good thing, my ate ching called us and offered financial help. she sent us money and supported us all the way. a blessing really.

during my stay and me being the bantay of dad, it was hard. i haven't had enough sleep because
1) the nurses checks dad every now and then
2) the aircon was too cold ( hindi ako sanay) thus resulted to me having cold
3) dad keeps bugging me whenever he wants to pee, eat and tell me errands like buying drinks news papers etc.

but it also had advantages too like
1) i can watch cable (hehe.)
2) i can eat or drink whenever and whatever i want
3) i slouch on the couch all day

dad was very emotional during his stay. all of a sudden he cries then he refused some of the medications. he also wanted stuff that are very much bawal like sweets. he didn't have sleep too. he complain a lot about having difficulty pooping, his hand and so on.

i was also pissed whenever mom comes to visit. she keeps making reklamo at hindi nya inaasikaso si daddy. she just sleeps in my bed. i can understand if she's tired but can she at least be a dear and take care of dad for a few hours of the visit. if she's not feeling well, it's okay and she should rest at home. she also kept saying that we should have a medical ward instead of a private room. why making tipid when we know that we do have financial assistance it eh? im not saying that we should abused that but what im pointing in here is

"hindi materyal na bagay ang kalusugan! kung hindi iingatan yan, hindi na maibabalik yung mga mawawala. hindi naman ikayayaman ng isang tao kung bibigyan sya ng tamang gamot, pag aalaga at pag aaruga ng mga taong espesyalista. matanda na si daddy at napakahirap kung may kasama pa kami sa iisang kwarto."

the doctor also advised us that we should be in private because the condition of his foot is sensitive and can get infected if exposed to other people as well in a medical ward.

anyway, enough about the ranting. after his stay at the hospital the doctor said that he's okay to go. his foot improved well for the treatment and he got out today. he will go back for check ups and needed added medications.

just to add and make this entry longer i just want to share my two cents regarding Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Canister Scandal.

we seek medical attention in medical centers and hospital in order to get well for our ailments. we want to be treated, taken care off and be cured for the diseases that we suffer from but what if something goes wrong? the scandal is about a gay guy seeking medical attention because unfortunately after having sex, a bottle of perfume got stuck in this rectum. after the successful operation, i guess he was relieved but someone said that a video containing the operation was posted on youtube. poor guy. after paying for the hospital bill, he also paid by being a specimen, an object of ridicule and of course a subject of laughter. and more over, the doctors and nurses were not satisfies, they had to share it to the world. post it on you tube. i was lucky enough to find and watch it. as i sign of respect, i did not post it here.

as for my opinion, i did not find it funny nor entertaining. i feel for the guy having to go through the torment of having a heart of a woman then being trapped in a man's body. we say that gays are accepted in our society but what does this video show?

cases like these are confidential and should be disclosed for the persons involved. i read about something called med ethics which states that patients should be well taken care off and respected because the pay for the services of the said treatments or medications.
the loud sound of the cheering, shouting and laughing from the video made it clear that they forgot the oath they swore when they were about to become doctors and nurses.

they are unprofessional and they do not deserve to keep their license. they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

come to think of it, we were once a punchline in some show where in our medical institutions are being questioned or mocked. this video proves what that statement meant.

then a priest comments and says its partly the guy's fault. okay, sure, yes. but i still find it absurd that just because the guy is gay, he paid more than he asked for. so much for the church's teaching "love your neighbor". instead of investigating, solving and making sure that this will never happen again, someone tolerates this kind of behavior. comment suggests that because somebody made a mistake it's a ground to violated his right.

sex is a normal thing. we have sexual desires and sexual drive. in addition, that does not exclude priests or nuns. who knows what they do to suppress their needs when it comes to this particular topic. i mean, who knows what they do inside the seminaries, church or convents when somebody is not looking around. pray? the lamest excuse. i do not totally believe that. after all, news like a priest raping a nun, molesting a confectioner inside a church, convent or having a child is not new. scandals that are not different from this guy's case.

whether he has sinned or not in having sex with the same sex, its not our business; gives us a right to mock him or more over reject him as a living individual that deserves an equal right just like everybody else.

equality and freedom of expression as well as respect.
is it so hard to give?


Friday, April 18, 2008

what's up with me lately

i've been so busy during the past few days (or was it weeks? hehe.) which would explain why i haven't been updating as much as i used too. i've been working (for my mom as usual) my ass off. this time it's not a computer shop i'm handling but a small drinking place. yes. we own it again. we are not fucking mayaman! if we were, i wont work okay? as a HRM student, its an added credential because it's my field however it's not what you think it is. it's a small time business and it's not really an establishment so let me get to the point.


here's a couple of reasons why:

a) i'm not used to it yet.

b) i don't like serving liquor to tricycle drivers and alcoholic maniacs.

c) i hate being asked, talked or kulit by customers with my cellphone number.

d) i hate the looks of the drunk people! gives me the creeps!

e) i get paid really really really cheap! 100 a day and i work from 3pm until wee hours of the morning like 2am. stress! and more stress!

as of the moment, i really don't have a choice because my mom needs my help. sort off like support. i already started applying on new jobs and have several interviews coming so i hope this won't take long. wish me luck OKAY? badly need it. :D

what job? i won't announce it yet. haha! i'll blog about it later on. anyway, to all of my blog friends; bear with me. i would also like to apologize if i don't update or leave comments.
a little consideration and loving please! :)
don't worry. i wont go on hiatus. just enjoy your summer guys! ill try to keep in touch okay?



Friday, April 11, 2008


mistakes and failures are common, bound to happen. we are humans, prone to errors. an obvious truth. however, i do not agree that we should abuse this. more over, making excuses just to justify our actions or misbehaviors.

"eh kasi mahirap lang kami"
"eh kasi bobo po ako"
"may kapansanan po kasi ako"
"panget po kasi ako"
"mas magaling po sya"
"kasi broken family po kami"
"wala po kasi akong nanay at tatay"
"tao lang ako, nagkakamali"

most common excuses. i do admit i have once uttered one or two of these phrases and i resent having to do so. yes, we cannot be perfect BUT we can try and strive to be one. use the mistakes and failures to stand and try once again. never to repeat and do the exact same thing over. learn. we are given trials and challenges not to make us weak but make us stronger for the future. there are lots of room for improvement may it be old or young. life is a journey and as long as we breathe, its never too late to correct whatever we have done in the past. everyday is a new start and a new beginning for all of us. hope.

same goes for those who are smart, intelligent, rich or have high disposition in life. just because you possess or your better does not give any one a right to hurt and be nasty to other people. don't use it as an excuse or rather abuse those just to do whatever you want regardless of whether it is right or wrong. its purely immature and unethical.

Monday, April 7, 2008

new layout

decided to change my layout to a simple one. hehe. hope you guys like it. :D

and by the way.
One year and four months.

(di tulad ng iba dyan. TSUK!)