Friday, April 11, 2008


mistakes and failures are common, bound to happen. we are humans, prone to errors. an obvious truth. however, i do not agree that we should abuse this. more over, making excuses just to justify our actions or misbehaviors.

"eh kasi mahirap lang kami"
"eh kasi bobo po ako"
"may kapansanan po kasi ako"
"panget po kasi ako"
"mas magaling po sya"
"kasi broken family po kami"
"wala po kasi akong nanay at tatay"
"tao lang ako, nagkakamali"

most common excuses. i do admit i have once uttered one or two of these phrases and i resent having to do so. yes, we cannot be perfect BUT we can try and strive to be one. use the mistakes and failures to stand and try once again. never to repeat and do the exact same thing over. learn. we are given trials and challenges not to make us weak but make us stronger for the future. there are lots of room for improvement may it be old or young. life is a journey and as long as we breathe, its never too late to correct whatever we have done in the past. everyday is a new start and a new beginning for all of us. hope.

same goes for those who are smart, intelligent, rich or have high disposition in life. just because you possess or your better does not give any one a right to hurt and be nasty to other people. don't use it as an excuse or rather abuse those just to do whatever you want regardless of whether it is right or wrong. its purely immature and unethical.

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