Friday, April 18, 2008

what's up with me lately

i've been so busy during the past few days (or was it weeks? hehe.) which would explain why i haven't been updating as much as i used too. i've been working (for my mom as usual) my ass off. this time it's not a computer shop i'm handling but a small drinking place. yes. we own it again. we are not fucking mayaman! if we were, i wont work okay? as a HRM student, its an added credential because it's my field however it's not what you think it is. it's a small time business and it's not really an establishment so let me get to the point.


here's a couple of reasons why:

a) i'm not used to it yet.

b) i don't like serving liquor to tricycle drivers and alcoholic maniacs.

c) i hate being asked, talked or kulit by customers with my cellphone number.

d) i hate the looks of the drunk people! gives me the creeps!

e) i get paid really really really cheap! 100 a day and i work from 3pm until wee hours of the morning like 2am. stress! and more stress!

as of the moment, i really don't have a choice because my mom needs my help. sort off like support. i already started applying on new jobs and have several interviews coming so i hope this won't take long. wish me luck OKAY? badly need it. :D

what job? i won't announce it yet. haha! i'll blog about it later on. anyway, to all of my blog friends; bear with me. i would also like to apologize if i don't update or leave comments.
a little consideration and loving please! :)
don't worry. i wont go on hiatus. just enjoy your summer guys! ill try to keep in touch okay?



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